Our Farm & Services

Quality Facilities & Training

MKM Equestrian is tremendously proud of the impact that we have made in helping our clients by providing quality facilities services and exceptional training.

MKM Equestrian is based in Rougemont, North Carolina. We have an eight stall Barnmaster barn featuring airy 12×12 stalls with rubber mats, multiple grooming areas, wide center aisle, wash rack with hot and cold water, and fly spray system. Each stall is monitored by a security camera, allowing us to check on the horses without disturbing them.

We have 26 acres, including five two-acre fields with split rail fencing. Our arena is 150×180 with well-maintained footing. The arena features a full course of jumps, including two built into the arena fencing allowing riders to practice jumping in and out of the arena. Surrounding the arena is our grass jump field used for both flatting and jumping. The perimeter of the property is maintained to allow for a relaxing ride for both horse and rider.

Our trainer and barn manager both live on site, ensuring the horses are always carefully monitored.

Our Program

At MKM Equestrian, we strive to make the best possible decisions for our horses every day. Each horse has a specific program designed to allow them to feel and perform their best.

Horses are fed a ration balancer twice a day, as well as any supplements necessary for the individual horse. We feed a timothy/orchard grass blend hay several times throughout the day. Each bale is steamed in a HAYGAIN full bale steamer to remove spores, mold, and bacteria while retaining the hay’s nutrients. Horses are turned out individually in private fields for as long as possible for their temperament and individual training program.

Horses in training are ridden 4-6 days per week. We focus on flatwork and fitness as a basis for jumping success. We also try to ride out of the arena several times each week to keep the horses fresh and motivated in their work.

We offer several therapeutic modalities to help our horses perform their best. We use a Game Ready Equine System after jumping to cool the horses’ legs and help prevent injuries. We also use this system in the event of an injury to speed recovery and help the horses feel more comfortable as soon as possible. We use a Respond System magnetic blanket and foot pad before showing to help prepare the horses for their classes, as well as after classes to help them relax. We also use several products from Back on Track to help the horses feel their best.


Lessons: Megan is now available to teach lessons at our farm in Rougemont or at your facility. Lessons are typically 45 minutes and include both flatwork and jumping. Exclusively flat or jump lessons can also be arranged. Please contact Megan at (919) 606-9913 or email us to discuss your goals and set up a lesson.

Training Rides: Megan is available to come to your farm for training rides on your horse. Alternatively, you may bring your horse to MKM Equestrian for training rides if you would prefer. Training rides can focus on flat work and jumping or exclusively flat work. Training rides include grooming, tacking, and cool out of your horse.

Training Board: A limited number of stalls are available for training board. At MKM Equestrian, each horse has a program tailored to fit its individual needs. Megan will discuss goals for each horse with the owner and then design a program to help the horse and rider reach those goals, whether it be correcting a particular issue or moving up to the next level in the show ring. Training board includes full care as well as five rides a week or three rides, one flat lesson, and one jump lesson with the owner each week. This schedule can be adjusted at the owner’s request. Showing expenses are not included.

Horse Shows: MKM Equestrian travels to shows within a short drive of the Research Triangle area of North Carolina including shows in Raleigh, Greensboro, Southern Pines, and Tryon, North Carolina, as well as Lexington, Roanoke, and Culpeper, Virginia. Occasionally trips to shows in other areas are scheduled for specific horses or classes as needed. MKM Equestrian offers training for horse and rider as well as full care at these shows. Please contact Megan at (919) 606-9913 or email us to discuss your goals for the show season.